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In addition to the feedlots, Silver Spur Feeders owns and operates an extensive pasture and farm system encompassing over 5,000 acres.  Silver Spur believes that raising cattle should always be pasture centered and strives to limit the days an animal must spend in confinement.  Our irrigated pasture and farm ground in Minatare allows us to keep weaned calves and yearlings on a grass diet for extended periods of time.  We have also found that the facilities and pastures lend themselves very well to heifer development.  The farm portion of the operation is a key part of making the feedlot and stocker segment sustainable.  Corn silage, sorghum, alfalfa, and grass hay are all raised in great quantities and used in the feedlots and to supplement the cattle on pasture when needed.

The Silver Spur Farms is the newest addition to the Silver Spur.  Located in Paxton and Wallace Nebraska, it bring farming and a ranch to the operation.