Silver Spur Cattle

413Perhaps the most important segment of the Silver Spur Ranches is our cows!  The large majority of the herd is comprised of Angus and Angus x Charolais females.   We pride ourselves in creating low-maintenance, hardy, and good-mothering cows that still possess and propagate incredible performance required in a calf to be profitable as a yearling on grass, in the feedlot, and on the rail.  All of our ranches exhibit extremely difficult environmental challenges, whether it be big drought-prone country, high altitudes, long harsh winters, or a combination of all!  With the help of hundreds of years of combined experience in our ranch managers, our cattle are allowed to thrive in what many would say are hostile surroundings.

Silver Spur Ranches produce both our own replacement females and bulls to be used on the commercial and registered operations.  We produce our own genetics for our own benefit.  The management and genetic philosophy of our cattle does not fall victim to short-lived industry trends or whatever pleases the eye.  Commercial and registered cattle are simply bred and grown to insure the sustainability of our commercial cow herd and ultimately contribute more dollars to the bottom line.


Reserve Champion Pen Red Angus Bulls National Western Stock Show ~ SPUR GRAVITY 601 2441C, SPUR GRAVITY 601 2507C, SPUR Stronghold 2171C

Reserve Champion Pen Bulls NWSS

Congratulations SPUR BELLE 2341B and Menzi Spiller: (Menzi and Chastain bought this heifer in the last online sale the Spur hosted). Champion Junior Heifer and Grand Champion Female Fort Worth Open Red Angus Show, Champion Junior Heifer and Reserve Grand Champion Female NILE National Junior Red Angus Show
Champion Senior Showman NILE National Junior Red Angus Show.
Chastain Spiller: Reserve Junior Showman NILE National Junior Red Angus Show

Spur Belle 2341B Fort Worth