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 Spur Overhead

Silver Spur Ranches – Encampment Office

Telephone: (307) 327-5550

P.O Box 714

Encampment, WY  82325

Fax: (307) 327-5998

 Physical address

3224 Unit B Hwy 230 Encampment, WY 82325

 Silver Spur Office- Encampment

Thad York                                         General Manager

Colton Miller                                   Operations Manager/Assistant Manager

Heather Stubbs                              Controller

Amy Martin                                      Accounts Payable

Lana Elder                                        Benefits and Payroll Processor

Nick Haderlie                                   Contracts/Legal

Nick Wamsley                                 Cattle Purchasing/Special Projects

Connie Turner                                 Administrative

Naomi James

Kristen York                                    Intern Coordinator

Wyoming Ranches

Cow Creek /Headquarters               Guy Knotwell                     Ranch Manager

Headquarters                                     Cody Miller                        

Mill Iron & Cedar Creek                   Ridge Knotwell                   Ranch Manager

Bar M & VX                                         Matt Walker                       Ranch Manager

Hanging Bull & Elk Hollow               Matt Walker                        Ranch Manager

Colorado Ranches

Lone Pine                                            Roy Gollobith                    Ranch Manager

Three Rivers & Canadian                 Allen Jenkins                      Ranch Manager

Big Horn                                              Jerred Seely                       Ranch Manager

Kiowa Creek                                       Decky Spiller                       Ranch Manager

 New Mexico Ranches  

TO Ranch                                             Brad Long                     Ranch Manager

Bell Ranch                                           Try Knotwell               Ranch Manager


Cattle Marketing

Decky Spiller     830-285-6828

Outfitting- WY/CO (307)-327-6505

Dave Sturm                                        Outfitter

Corina Daly                                       Office Assistant

Silver Spur Feeders         (308)-783-1000        

Buck Marsh- Manager

290105 Cattle Drive Minatare, NE  69356